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Havanese For Sale

About Us

We have one child who we wanted to give brothers and sisters. Being unable to have more children thus far, we purchased her a dog (Molly) as a companion. When Molly was just about 1 year old we realized Molly needed a four legged companion. We purchased Max and they became a couple. We made a decision to breed Molly so our daughter could experience the wonders and joy of puppies. We had planned on just one liter, but the response was so great last time we decided to do one more before having Molly fixed. It has been an amazing experience and we love each one. We know you will love them too.


The puppies have moved from a nursery environment to a controlled living environment. Each puppy is attends puppy camp for a week or 2 to be trained and prepare for their new home. This training session is in a private home, not ours. Each puppy is integrated with 2 cats and one dog, as well as two children. This time teaches them life skills away from mom and dad. They learn stairs and are tested in a new environment for potty training and emotional adjustment. Their obedience training is continued while at puppy camp. This reinforces the things they have learned since birth and shows them that the same behavior is expected in all situations. While at puppy camp they are allowed to sleep on a bed and in a crate. The bed is allowed to test their ability to follow potty rules. Once they have been evaluated and have demonstrated age appropriate behavior they are returned to the litter and mom and dad. These extra measures are designed to help make the transition to their new home smoother and easier for everyone.

Adoption Information

We love our dogs and want to find them amazing homes. Could that be you? Do you love dogs? Are you committed to their care and development? If so, give us a call. We will ask you some questions and may ask for references. Each puppy comes with their shot records. If you are selected to purchase one of our sweethearts, we will ask you to take them to your veterinarian for a wellness check. If any health issues are found we will gladly refund your money when the puppy is returned to our home. Our puppy must be returned with 24 hours of veterinarian exam. These puppies are happy, healthy and playful. We do not expect a problem, but think it is important to offer this for a family who is making such an important investment.

They have had baths multiple bathes and trips to the vet. They all are on Heartguard and are current on their vaccines, including rabies. We use Petsmart puppy training techniques. Puppies are potty-trained.